Rising Up: The Alams

Producer/DP: Konrad Aderer
Editor: Helen Yum

In this short documentary we meet the Alams, a Bangladeshi family living in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Mohammed Alam, father to two young U.S.-born daughters, is one of 13,000 immigrants facing deportation as a consequence of Special Registration, a post-9/11 policy which targeted nationals of Muslim countries. But the Alams are not just victims. Learn how they fight back as members of South Asian community organization D.R.U.M. (Desis Rising Up and Moving).

Rising Up: The Alams was produced for the non-profit media project Life or Liberty, as part of Third World Newsreel's Call For Change series.

Distributor: Third World Newsreel

Premiered at Brooklyn Academy of Music's Rose Cinema, October 2005
Mesa FilmFest 2005
Museum of Modern Art Documentary Fortnight 2006
South Asian International Film Festival 2006
Asian American International Film Festival 2006
Prisoner's Justice Film Festival (Toronto) 2006
Durango Film Festival 2006
Hawaii International Film Festival 2006
First Asian American film Festival (Hong Kong) 2007
International Rescue Committee's World Refugee Day celebration, IRC Baltimore 2007

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