Ireland's Prime Minister Visits Brooklyn

On St. Patrick's Day, the Prime Minister of Ireland visits Breezy Point, one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, and attends Mass, celebrated by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio.

Sun, 2013-03-17

Priests & Pols Fast for Immigrant Rights

Breaking Fast: An interfaith group hosted at Judson Memorial Church breaks their 72-hour fast for immigrants rights and holds a press conference where fasters including members of the New York City Council speak out against the deportation system and the Arizona law, SB 1070.

Wed, 2010-06-02

American News Project

story title: No Debate: Hempstead is Struggling

As Hempstead, NY prepared to host the last presidential debate, local people hit hard by the financial crisis tell stories that the debates left out.

This American News Project (ANP) short featured the story of Jocelyn Voltaire, a local Haitian woman whose Iraq veteran son had died the same month her home went into foreclosure. Jocelyn's heart-wrenching victimization by a predatory lender became a major story on Huffington Post and attracted the attention of Code Pink.

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Wed, 2008-10-15
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